Board Update – January 22nd, 2024

As a Board of Governance, particularly in a period shortly after the Hampton Bowls Club went into voluntary administration, we are charged with the responsibility of ensuring enough income for our new Club with a reserve (for emergencies and future capital works to upgrade the club). We have just had major plumbing and leaks fixed this week with costs over $10K.

We have received a number of inquiries from a variety of community groups/clubs. These include, Pickle Ball, Paddle Ball, additional Mah-jong, meals, as well as functions and social events.

The Board, alongside Meaghan our bookkeeper, Alastair and John, as acting Finance Director, believe we will struggle to meet all costs incurred as part of the everyday running of the club plus build funds for the future unless we explore additional options to secure further income.

We are also aware of the need and the work involved for our own members who volunteer in a number of different capacities simply to keep the club clean, tidy, organised and the grounds in order. We have limited human resources to expect much more of our volunteers.

On our costings and estimates, even holding a big function twice a month, which is not guaranteed, and a social activity on the deck etc each month, will not bring enough significant profit to sustain the club’s financial security. However, we will continue to offer these experiences.

Our social group will be planning a fundraising event during the year. We also have Bunnings BBQ to run where we will also make some funds. The date for Bunnings is not yet set but we are on the list!

The Board is exploring a number of the options listed above and we have recently added an additional Mahjong group.

Be assured that as a Board we will not be taking on any organisations that will impede on Pennant Bowls days and events. However, Bayside Council wish us to become more of a community hub, and we, as a Board, wish and need to build other groups that bring income to the club.

The fact that we now have two separate spaces for functions and events – the old Pokies room which is now called The Lounge and the existing function room – plus the sports bar area enables us to explore additional use of our building.

We will update you with further information when we have it. We hope that with increased revenue we can extend bar hours with paid staff and utilise professional cleaners thus easing the load on our current members.

Please contact Kathy, or a member of the Board if you have any other ideas for income.

Kathy, Chair