Board Update – June 6th, 2024

The AGM and the Board

Firstly a big thank to all 75 of you who attended the AGM on Sunday 2nd June and to those who sent apologies.

It was a momentous occasion  given  it was the first of our HBBC club. It was terrific and  supportive to have Councillor Fiona Stitfold , the Mayor of Bayside City Council, Warren Griffin from Bowls Australia and our Auditors attend and speak.

Thanks to the Inaugural Board of 2023/2024 including Alastair McDonald, Mel Carney and John Lord who did not renominate for this new year. They all contributed much time, effort and input throughout their time on the Board.

Welcome and thanks to Phil Gibbons who is on the Board and has taken the role of Chair of Bowls.  Phil has contributed in many aspects of the club with tournaments/events/ selection/ buildings/ maintenance and more!  His experience and input to the Board and his leadership in bowls will be tremendous.

We also welcome Simon Troon as a new Board member who is now our Finance Director and works in the banking world.

We welcome back:

  • Rob Chapman who is leading our Strategic Planning as well as Sponsorship and grants.
  • Pam Longley who is continuing as role as Administrator to the Board, which is a never-ending role; Pam has demonstrated great skills in this area.
  • Carol Finlay who has organised our social/community activities so expertly and will continue in in this role
  • I have been selected as Chair of the Board and am looking forward to our next 12 months.

The Board will issue a final Organisational Chart and associated sub committees within a month or so, subject to our Strategic Plan and will be seeking volunteers in a range of areas including: Grants/Sponsorship/Fundraising.

The first 10 months of establishing the new club the Board named “Establishment” and this next 12 months we have identified as “Consolidating and Refining” Please read the full AGM REPORT which is now up on the website.


The next two weeks will be busy with nominations/elections for the Bowls Committee and then sub-committee roles.  Please read all emails so you understand and can participate in the nominations and elections.

Processes and Procedures

With a new Finance Director, alongside Pam, Mel ( who is still supporting us in IT/communications), the Board will be working on streamlining a range of administrative tasks.

This will include: (amongst other things)

  • Online membership and payments
  • Online bookings for events, BFB, bowls and functions (we will retain the sign-up sheets in the bowls office for those who don’t yet access the website)
  • General communication strategies
  • Website and social media policies

By -Laws, Strategic Planning, Codes of Conduct, Grievance Policies will all be finalised in the next couple of months and will be uploaded to the website.

Volunteer thank you lunch

Please let Pam Longley know if you are coming to our thank you to volunteers lunch next Thursday 13th June.

A big thank you to Lyn Manning who has coordinated our range of volunteers for the past 10 months. Lyn is stepping down to have a well-deserved rest.

As Phil Gibbons is now on the Board we also need a new buildings/maintenance coordinator.

Lists will be placed inside the club house in the next week for people to sign up for:

  • Cleaning
  • Kitchen
  • Grounds/Gardening
  • Wellbeing

We will also need a volunteer coordinator to take on Lyn Manning’s role.

Bowls Updates

We are seeking a small group to work with Mel Carney on establishing a small bowls update sheet ( a bit like the Board update) to be distributed each month or so.  Please contact Phil Gibbons or Mel Carney if you are interested.

Music on the Deck and social activities

This continues each fortnight and will be inside given the colder months are now upon us.  Check the website , FaceBook and notices at the club for all dates and times.

There are some early plans to hold a trivia night to help with fundraising. Watch this space!

The Bar

Good news, Denton and his team of volunteers are starting up the hot chips and other snacks. Thanks Denton for all your work and coordination and we look forward to the chips!!

New initiatives

We have recently acquired a data projector which can be utilised in many different ways across the club: U3A, functions, seminars, movie nights for the family, watching sport, etc.

Stay tuned for updates on this.

Thanks again to the team who are about to paint the Bar area, and to Gerry and others who are taking the small unused TV’s down in the Bar area.

We are looking forward to a happy, stable and exciting year ahead.

As I always write, if any member wishes to ask questions, raise an issue or provide some support to the Board please contact me or any member of the Board.

We have one vacancy on the Board. Please contact me if you are interested.

Enjoy this new year of Bowls, Bridge, Mahjong, Music, Bar, and socialising together.

Kathy Walker, Chair

On behalf of the Board